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Responsive UX Design

or how to make a website fit any screen

Redesign of
Topic oriented everyday life encyclopedia (French ehow)

Site ComprendreChosir sur mobile, tablet et bureau. See this page online

"Ask our experts" service

Parcours utilisateur en wireframes du service Question-Réponses. Try the app "Ask a question"


or how fun can help transformation rate

Quote request illustrated wizard form
Test it for fun ! No mail will be sent of course ;-)

Ask for a free estimation

Fireplace or inset Pellet burning stove Wood burning stove Chimney-sweeping Other stove Other
Projet de demande de devis Try a request form

Data Visualization

or how to communicate on numbers

OECD's real-time energy and water use monitor

Dashboard des consommations énergétiques de l'OCDE

User interface

or how to interact with users

Redesign of the FATF website, intergovernmental organization against money laundering

Webdesign pour le site de FATF

Creation of an interactive map to present the data

Test the map on

Company presentation brochure

or how to humanize a brand

Crédit Social des Fonctionnaires (CSF) annual report

Maquette du rapport annuel du CSF Plus de maquette du rapport annuel du CSF


or how to give sense to a shape

Redesign of the Effective Institutions Platform logo
International project helping institutions with public sector reforms

Logotype EIP

Democracy + Diffusion + Outreach = Hemicycle

Logotype EIP

User-friendly website

or how to not mistreat your users

Animated SVG icons to illustrate the steps of peer learning

Site EIP See

Conversion funnels

or how to get the user to go where you want

UX and graphical design
NeoSpheres, human resources consulting

Projet de webdesign NeoSpheres See

Service presentation

or how to convince the audience

UX and webdesign of the narration
Ferpection, website user-testing services

Projet de webdesign Ferpection See the page on


Flyers, brochures, posters, diagrams...

Different printed elements made for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Divers projets print

Open source collaborations

or playing around with geeks

UI and webdesign for Eatponies, web app to draw over the web
Logo and banners for a few open source projects

Exemples de collaborations
See or Test the web app here and draw over my portfolio !


from design to integration and responsive of course!

Newsletters and direct marketing

Divers emailings


or how to keep track of the past

Travel journals and numeric collages

Croquis et carnets de voyage
Download in PDF

Professional experiences

UX / UI / WebdesignerSince 2014

Sahel and West Africa Club International platform for policy dialogue in West Africa Graphical design for a 12 page presentation brochure

Bonnet de Jour Inc. Workplace wellness solutions (B2B startup) UX / UI / webdesign of an employee wellness survey

  • Benchmark and study of current solutions
  • UX / UI / webdesign of the survey
  • HTML/CSS responsive

NeoSpheres HR consulting (B2B) Wordpress webdesign :

Ferpection User testing solutions (B2B startup) UX / UI / webdesign of the testing reports and the tester's recruiting page:

  • Wireframes on Balsamiq
  • Graphical design
  • HTML / CSS responsive integration

Effective Institutions Platform International project for public sector reforms Branding / UX / UI / webdesign / project management:

  • Copywriting of the response which won the competitive bidding process
  • Branding and graphical guidelines
  • UX / UI design of the wireframes on Balsamiq
  • Graphical design of the website
  • HTML / CSS responsive integration
  • Training and documentation for the EIP team

Greening OCDE Real-time energy and water use monitor Graphical design

  • Graphical design
  • Creation of all the charts and icons
  • Animations

EaP Green International program for green economy in the EU's Eastern neighborhood Webdesign :

  • Graphical design
  • Photo search and selection

FATF/GAFI Financial Action Task Force Intergovernmental organization against money laundering Webdesign :

  • Architecture and UX design
  • Creation of the interactive map and it's functional specs
  • Graphical design of the website

Juris-connect Legal consulting Branding / webdesign :

  • Graphical design
  • HTML / CSS integration

Eatponies Open source web app Branding / webdesign :

  • Logo and graphical design
  • UI design of the app
  • Copywriting, design and integration of the website presenting the project

Webdesigner & lead integrator2012 - 2015

Finemedia - Topic oriented content websites (French ehow)

  • Webdesign, wireframes, illustrations, infographics...
  • Active participation in the redesign of the entire platform
  • Integrations in LESS and front end development
  • Management & training of the integrators / front-end devs
  • Writing of new functions specifications
  • Elaboration of a tool for editing and generating responsive newsletters

Graphical designer & communication officer2009 - 2012

Crédit Social des Fonctionnaires Financial institute

  • Print brochures, leaflets, corporate magazine...
  • Design & integration of newsletters
  • Photo coverage of events


Individual's Training in Responsive Web Design2014

Provided by Raphaël Goetter (French responsive pioneer)

Technical Degree in Multimedia and Publishing Design work-study contract2011

École Multimédia - Paris 3

Technical Degree in Space and Volume Design2006

École Duperré - Paris 3

Applied Arts Preparatory Class (MANAA)2004

École Estienne - Paris 13

Scientific Bachelor Degree2003

École Alsacienne - Paris 6





Balsamiq Mockups










Italy, Spain, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, India et United States, Portugal...

Theater acting

Charbonnerie and Theatoc theatre workshops


USV Villejuif Badminton Club